The Prisoners

Graham Day, guitar
James Taylor, organ
Allan Crockford, bass
Johnny Symons, drums

60s-style garage music. An incredible band. If I'd had any money in 1985, I would have flown to England just to see them. This is what rock should be, especially their first and third records, "A Taste of Pink" and "The Last Fourfathers."

Unlike some of the other bands on this site, I was actually buying the Prisoners' albums when they were released. I still have all the records, although the grooves of some are pretty worn. I eagerly awaited the day for their music to be released on CD. When that day finally came, I snatched them up, and loaded them on my iPod. You should do the same! And it might be better not to wait. The Prisoners' second album, Thewisermiserdemelza, appears to no longer be available. Hopefully the others will stay in print.

These are the currently-available CD releases of their albums. They have numerous extra tracks, including demos and tracks from EPs and singles.

A Taste of Pink
TasteOfPinkFront PURCHASE

Thewisermiserdemelza ThewiserBack

The Last Fourfathers
FourfathersFrontFourfathersBack PURCHASE

In From the Cold

InFromTheColdInFromTheColdBack PURCHASE

Shine On Me

Web Pages Dedicated to the Prisoners:

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Later Bands with Former Members of the Prisoners.
The members of the Prisoners have gone on to perform in other bands, some of which are listed below. These are great musicians who have not sold out. Buy their stuff!

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There may be other bands. If you are aware of any, let me know, and
email me links to any other sites.