The Obligatory Links Page
Some interesting sites to check out.

Waterloo Records and Video

A great independent record store in Austin, Texas. Where vinyl is alive and well, plus great selections of CDs and DVDs.

Realmac Software
Maker of RapidWeaver, the program I used to create this site. If you have an apple computer and want to create a website without learning to write HTML code, this software is for you. Reasonably priced and easy to use. I waited years for something like this.

Independent Movie Database
Everyone who loves movies constantly visits this site. It has more information than you can imagine.

Jonathan Cainer's Zodiac Forecasts
Entertaining (and free) daily and weekly horoscopes. He's located in the UK, so for those in the Western Hemisphere, you can "cheat" by getting your horoscope one day early, and contemplate it overnight. You can pay money to get in-depth readings, but I have never done that, so I can't speak to it.

Which Star Wars Character or Superhero Are You Most Like?
The answer to both questions is within your reach. Go
HERE for Star Wars and HERE for your Superhero match. The makers of this site also have a very informative website for their computer business, and includes advice on website advertising.

California Earthquakes
Yes, there really are earthquakes in California, and they happen every day. This United States Geological Service website lists the locations of earthquakes and their magnitudes that have occurred during the past hour, day and week.

Wil Wheaton's Blog
The actor who played Wesley Crusher in Star Trek: The Next Generation, has gone on to become a successful writer, and was a relatively early blogger. This self-described "geek" posts at least every couple of days on a wide range of topics. For whatever reason, reading his site prompted me to finally put this site up.

Mendocino Massage
Danielle Belinger may very well be the best massage therapist in California. She is particularly good at "deep tissue" and "acupressure" massage. Go to her website to make an appointment for the next time you visit Mendocino.

California Highway Conditions
Before you head out for a scenic drive on California's backroads, or for that matter, take any long trip in California by car, check the CalTrans site for current highway conditions. Just type in the numbers for the highways you hope to use, and you will be told if there is a flood, landside or road work which will slow you down. Especially on Highway 1, landslides are fairly common, so it doesn't hurt to check to make sure the part of the road you hope to use is still there. website

Marin Real Estate Bubble
An interesting perspective on the real estate market in Marin County, California. website

California Coastal Records Project
This site is amazing. It contains high resolution photos of the entire California coast. If you're planning a trip anywhere to the coast, you can see what it looks like from the sky. A great geography lesson, and an easy way to waste hours of time. Also, a good source for desktop pictures.

Laserdisc Forever - The LD Collector's Resource
Cinephiles were watching movies on big TV screens ten years before anyone had heard of DVDs. Laserdiscs had resolution that was only ten percent less than DVDs, and the sound is better. Yes, the webmaster was an LD aficionado and he still has a machine for all his discs. This site tells you everything you need to know about the format.

DeCarli Law
Based in San Francisco,
DeCarli Law has a national law practice that represents plaintiffs in pharmaceutical litigation. Their slogan: "We Sue Companies That Sell Dangerous Drugs." Their current focus is gadolinium MRI litigation for people who have developed nephrogenic systemic fibrosis (NSF), lawsuits for injuries from Yaz and Yasmin oral birth control pills, suits for Propecia side effects, and for cleft palate and cleft lip birth defects caused by Topamax. website is a site dedicated to exposing the fact that real estate prices, especially those in California, are way over-priced and out of line with the fundamentals of rents and incomes. Along with links to current news articles, it contains a lively forum. Sometimes it gets mired down in liberal vs. conservative cat fighting, but at its best, it has sophisticated debates, such as whether inflation or deflation is on the horizon. It's worth a look.
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This is the official website for Doug Fieger, best known as the lead singer and songwriter for the Knack. What many people don't know is he made a lot of great music apart from the Knack, including his band Sky, right out of high school, and his later solo material. Well worth a visit.

This is a very cool blog, clearly run by someone much more dedicated than this webmaster. Numerous postings on some great, obscure psychedelic music, and frequently updated.