Livermore Valley Wine, Part 2
Fenestra is another great Livermore Valley winery. On a recent wine-tasting trip, Fenestra was the first stop, which was good and bad. Good, because they had a lot of great wines and I still had enough money to buy all the ones I liked. Bad, because they had about twenty wines to taste, which meant, even if I had spit out every wine I tasted, which is what you're supposed to do, I still would have been a little tipsy for the next several wineries we visited.

One of the Fenestra wines I got which was incredible was a 2000 Livermore Valley Estate Syrah. A syrah is a red wine. This one is very dry, but not bitter, and has a hint of citrus. Unfortunately, my palate is not so sophisticated or developed to give you a better description, so all I can add is this wine and many others they make are great, and worth hunting down. Also, they have some very good ports, which they sell in half bottles, a good size for gifts (not to be cheap but because ports are very rich so that makes it a better size to drink with a few people after dinner).
Visit their site to learn more about their wines.