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Mendocino Coast Food
Well, the "not-too-distant future" mentioned in the previous post ended up being almost two years. So here it goes.

The emphasis of the eating establishments blogged here will shift, at least temporarily, to locations along the Mendocino coast. There aren't a huge number of places to eat here. Not surprising, since there aren't that many people. However, the tourists who brave the long drive up Highway 1 or Highway 128 need some tips on the great places, or at least the reliable ones. So look for some additions to the Food portion of this site, which I'll reference here.

More coming soon.

Valley Ford Dining and a Couple New Links
After much inactivity, a few updates. Read all about Dinucci's Italian Dinners, in case you're planning a vacation to Valley Ford, California, and check out a few new links.

More updates to come in the not-so-distant future.
Livermore Valley Wine, Part 2 UPDATE
As of today, Fenestra no longer has the 2000 Livermore Valley Estate Syrah. They do, however, still have the Magnum size, which is a double-size bottle. It sells for $50. This size only makes sense if you're going to serve it for dinner with four people unless, of course, you're a full-on wino, er, I mean, "oenophile."
Livermore Valley Wine, Part 2
Fenestra is another great Livermore Valley winery. On a recent wine-tasting trip, Fenestra was the first stop, which was good and bad. Good, because they had a lot of great wines and I still had enough money to buy all the ones I liked. Bad, because they had about twenty wines to taste, which meant, even if I had spit out every wine I tasted, which is what you're supposed to do, I still would have been a little tipsy for the next several wineries we visited.

One of the Fenestra wines I got which was incredible was a 2000 Livermore Valley Estate Syrah. A syrah is a red wine. This one is very dry, but not bitter, and has a hint of citrus. Unfortunately, my palate is not so sophisticated or developed to give you a better description, so all I can add is this wine and many others they make are great, and worth hunting down. Also, they have some very good ports, which they sell in half bottles, a good size for gifts (not to be cheap but because ports are very rich so that makes it a better size to drink with a few people after dinner).
Visit their site to learn more about their wines.
Livermore Valley Wine
No politics on this entry. The Livermore Valley, 30 miles east of San Francisco, is one of California's oldest wine growing regions. Although not as widely-known as Napa, the first American wine to win an international competition came from Livermore. A Wetmore Cresta Blanca took the gold medal at the 1889 Paris Exposition. Today, there are many great wineries in Livermore. A particularly good one that I recommend is the Rodrigue-Molyneaux Winery. Their 2003 Sangiovese was amazing, although probably now sold out. Their tasting room is open from noon until 5:00 p.m., Saturday and Sunday. Call ahead to see what wines are available. It's very small, and a friendly family dog will greet you when you visit (to me, a good thing). They are located at 3053 Marina Avenue, Livermore, CA 94550. 925-447-4280. For more information on Livermore wines, visit