California Politics
If You're Caught, Just Check Into Rehab!
San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom has joined the growing club of degenerates who, when caught having sex with male prostitutes, propositioning Congressional pages, going on racist tirades or some other indiscretion, take the fashionable step of enrolling in an alcohol rehab program or some other form of counseling.

Gavin Newsom had been having sex with a female married employee of his whose spouse happens to be one of his "best friends," his campaign manager until just last week. The recipient of Newsom's affections was Ruby Rippey-Tourk, his appointments secretary. This all happened 18 months ago, but became public when Ruby's husband, Alex Tourk, found out and confronted the mayor at City Hall and resigned. Newsom then did the only thing he could do: blame his actions on alcohol and enter into an outpatient alcohol counseling program. Not surprisingly, this was the same approach used by former Congressman (and probable pederast) Mark Foley.

I guess what really bothers me about this is that, although Newsom and the others all profess "to take responsibility for their actions," they implicitly are doing the exact opposite by blaming their behavior on Demon Rum. Gavin Newsom's behavior occurred 18 months ago, not yesterday, yet by enrolling in an alcohol program now, presumably he has had this "problem" before and since the incident. Nevertheless, even though this alleged problem was serious enough for him to betray a trusted aid and have sex with a subordinate, he claims it has not impacted his ability to serve as mayor and he refuses to resign. That makes the whole alcohol excuse suspect, since if it really were a serious a problem and the cause of his actions, it would impact many other aspects of his life, including his ability to be the mayor of a large city. On the other hand, if it's really just a fraud (imagine that, from a politician), then it's an insult to the many people who actually do have a problem with alcohol.

I think the problem is far simpler that alcohol: Gavin Newsom is just a lying, cheating scumbag. For anyone who has seen and/or heard this man, this should not be a shock
California’s Top Politicians Spurred to Action
Today, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that San Francisco will likely receive more federal money once Representative Nancy Pelosi becomes Speaker of the House. The same paper gave an example of the type of issue that merits her personal involvement, as well as that of California’s senior Senator, Diane Feinstein. The great issue of national import that merited their personal attention was the possibility of the 49ers leaving San Francisco. Yes, the threat of an N.F.L. team moving 30 miles, from San Francisco to Santa Clara, prompted these two powerful politicians to turn away from relatively minor concerns such as the war in Iraq. Representative Pelosi even personally called 49er co-owner John York to tell him that it was “unacceptable for the 49ers to leave San Francisco.” Never mind the fact that in the same week, the Oakland A’s announced plans to move from Oakland to Fremont, and neither made a peep. We’re talking San Francisco, not Oakland.

Yes, we can all feel confident that a Democratic-controlled Congress, with California leadership, will focus on the most important issues facing our country.