District Judge Jeffery White Remembers the United States Has a Constitution
The United States Federal Judge who attempted to shut down a website for whistle blowers has come to his senses. He has now reversed his decision, lifting the injunction that attempted to shut down District Judge Jeffery White, during a hearing in his San Francisco courtroom, stated that he had "serious questions" about whether the legal measures sought by the bank "would be constitutionally approriate" and whether they constituted prior restraint by the government. He also cited "possible violations of the First Amendment." Glad he eventually got it right. Maybe next time he'll remember the United States has a Constitution and think about what it says before he signs an order. The site's current home is here.
Fight Prior Restraint of Speech - Visit This Site
A federal judge recently issued an order that attempts to shut down an internet site dedicated to the dispersal of information by whistle blowers. Federal District Court Judge Jeffrey White ordered Wikileaks' domain name registrar to disable its Web address. The Judge's order made the site harder to find, but failed to shut it down. Support the First Amendment and freedom of speech and visit the site. If you feel like it, give them some support with either your time or money.