Jun 2007
New Music from Graham Day of the Prisoners
If you've looked around this site a little bit, you will have learned about an English group from the early 1980s called the Prisoners. I was very happy to learn that the lead singer, guitarist and songwriter of the Prisoners, Graham Day, is putting out some new music. He already has an amazingly cool song out, on a 7-inch single, called "Get Off My Track." In the fall, there will be a complete album and tour.

Mr. Day has a MySpace page where you can listen to his new music. Go check it out, and sign up as his "friend" so you can keep up with his new music.
Two Paris Hilton Fans
From time to time, I have wondered, does Paris Hilton truly have fans, other than the people who watch her show to laugh at her, and the guys who would like to take her to bed? If so, who are these people? Well, here are two:
These young women waited outside the LA courthouse today while Ms. Hilton was hauled in to be ordered back to jail. I guess Ms. Hilton somehow serves as an inspiration for these two. Go figure.
Why Write?
"No man but a blockhead ever wrote, except for money."
Samuel Johnson.