Nov 2007
IndieWriter2007 - a Bogus Scab Writer
As some of you may know, the Writer’s Guild of America, the union that represents television and film writers, is on strike. There have been many good explanations of why the writers are striking, and why they are in the right, including here and here.

In yesterday’s Daily Variety, a full-page ad appeared which purports to be a writer looking for work who is willing to cross the picket lines. The text-only ad, in courier font (the favored font for screenplays), read:

Need a good Writer?

“Talent For Hire”

Feature rewrites
Feature specs

Is this a sign that the writers are breaking ranks and crossing picket lines? I don’t buy it. More likely, this is a bogus ad placed by a studio, producer, or even the AMPTP itself. Why? Well, an ad like this costs at least $15,000, a fairly large sum for a writer desperate for work. But more significant, an ad like this would be pointless. Surely even a moderately intelligent would-be scab writer would know that all the ad would generate is a bunch of hate mail. And who would be stupid enough to create an electronic paper trail that could result in them getting barred from WGA membership in the future?

Looks to me like the studios and producers are getting desperate.